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Spun on Sugar cotton candy


Spun on Sugar

Thanks for stopping by!  Spun on Sugar is located in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia and was created during a Saturday night out on the town. After a brainstorm session of 10 minutes, we were created!  We took a nostalgia candy and turned it up a notch.  By combining flavor and color, we create what dreams are made of and give that extra pop at an event with our cart service.  We pride ourselves on being woman owned and always putting the customer first.


Our cotton candy was created with you in mind!

Gluten Free

All Natural Flavoring

Natural Coloring

Event Services

We offer event services including cart service, cotton candy walls, and candy tables.  Make a statement at your next event!


Order our pre-packaged cotton candy products including favors, tubs, glitter bombs, and more! The perfect sweet gift.

Candy girls

Michelle and Mercedes here! Your candy girls! Founder, CEO, digital marketer, candy name it, I do it but we all know Mercedes is the real boss. My love for sweets runs deep. Anyone who knows me wouldn't find it at all surprising that I eat candy before breakfast or that I keep candy in my night stand. Owning a cotton candy company seems like only destiny!

Let's Get Sugared

We would love to be apart of your next event.  Work with us!

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